Instagram Round Up #2

Instagram photo Round up #2

A collation of recent postings on my personal and blog Instagram accounts!  

1. Me and my sisters/best friends forever 2. Admit it…future brides your guilty! 3. Bride mixing Indian and Edo tradtional dress for her cultural wedding. Respect. 4. Me feeling excited after Church. 5. Afternoon chats, cake and tea.  6. Diamond Guy Hawaii Sapphire ring = Swoon. 7. Stargazer Lilly bouquet 8. A tired me on the way to work in serious need to eyebrow fixing. 9. A groom awaiting his bride. 10. Rules to scare away any wasteman. 11. Draping by Zapphaire Event co-ordination. 12. Say no more! 13. Bea’s Boutique in Covent Garden, hands down best Afternoon tea I have ever had! 14. Know  your worth darling, starburst style. 15. When you come home and your sister has made dinner. 16. The future Mrs Atilary Photography at her court wedding looking like a million bucks! 17. Flawless 18. Red and Gold Gele and Custom fan update red for sure! Her eyes though! 19. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Ovia. 20. Monica Vinader bracelets, why don’t I have one yet?



xo Chioma ox


Monday Inspiration| Alternative Wedding Bouquet

Woop Woop! It’s a new week on the blog. I hope you are well. In case you all haven’t noticed, I’m enjoying the world of Instagram @studiochiweddings. Tell you the truth I’m a bit hooked! But the thing is, after you’ve read a tonne of magazines and subscribed to every blog with a fluffy name and flowers in the background, you can find yourself…..well. Bored!

When everyone goes to the same places for inspiration, they can all tend to look the same.  That I can forgive. But when brides start to look the same, no! Not acceptable. We are all far too unique to start wearing and accessorising with the same cubic zirconia chandelier earrings, lace dress and red bottoms. It will suit one beautiful girl. In fact it will be perfect……..for her. But you? When all of Summer 2014 weddings start to blur into one. God forbid.

When I see something different, like an alternative wedding bouquet?

I must share…

Diann Valentine alternative wedding bouquet floral bridal cuff

Isn’t it beautiful?

I predict that this will be suited for a no fuss, non-traditional modern bride. A cuff is easier to dance with, leaving you with both hands free. It also leaves you without the weight of a traditional bouquet. Having held a few, I know they are pretty heavy.This raises another point. Why when we use the most incredibly creative floral designers, do we restrict them to the traditional. I’m waiting for the bride who give a designer a scheme and tell them to go for it.

For those of you who were looking forward to throwing your bouquet. This may not be an option for you as throwing a cuff does NOT have the same effect.   Or perhaps you could publicly appreciate your maid of honour  or mother by giving her your floral cuff to to wear later on the evening. Let’s start a new tradition!

Prices start from $300/ approx £185

Diann Valentine

Etsy Find|Custom Bridesmaid Gifts

Hello wonderful readers! Thank you for your patience last week, while I sorted out the tech issues. I signed up to write about pretty things, not chase software engineers around the globe! Nevertheless, that’s life! At least there is one more problem I now know how to solve.

If you have followed my blog from it’s very confused beginning, you will have cottoned on to the fact that I am obsessed with Etsy. Etsy is the ultimate online marketplace bringing independent crafters and businesses right into your wedding. Thousands of shops at your fingertips!

Your custom bridesmaid gifts, clutches and momento’s all in one! To top it all off they are super affordable. ‘Happily Ever After XOXO’ are currently not shipping to all countries, but perhaps they can be persuaded?

Custom Bridesmaid Gift Clutches by HappilyEverAfterXOXO

£18.52 Each.

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5 Things Tuesday|5 Don’ts For An Elegant Bride…


Elegant:  Pleasingly graceful/Stylish in appearance and manner/ Describing a person dressing tastefully.

heather lindsey wedding dayA most elegant bride ! Heather Lindsey getting dressed on her wedding day! She champions Biblical Femininity and Purity through her global movement ‘Pinky Promise’.

  1. Do not have too much flesh on show. I say this one first because it is the most noticeable. Yes it’s your big day and you want to express your personality. But the minute you put on a white dress you subscribe to all that it represents. Have you ever asked why it is white. Simple answer: purity and grace. There is a reason all eyes on the Bride. Her role is one of honour.  Having your everything on show before the night makes his role on the night far from exclusive…..#justsaying. 
  2. Do not forget to prep your body. Girls will spend £1000 on the dress, £300 on the hair and forget to moisturise their elbows. Oh dear.
  3. Do not overdose on the extra’s. This is not the nail olympics, why are your nails longer than your fringe? Almost poking holes in the lace. If I had a pound for every bride who told me she regretted her then ‘on trend’ ghetto style choices….I’d have enough for that Chanel 2.55 bag WITH the gold hardware(sigh).
  4. Don’t loose your head. Do not get drunk and think that the dance floor is the perfect place to serenade your husband for the first time. Grandma wants to think of you as her maturing little girl, not her nightmare ‘drunk in love’ prodigal daughter.Save it for later sweetie. Drop that glass. You should be able to remember the day, not slur through it.
  5. Bridezilla makes a great tv show. But no one wants to be  friends with one. If you want to still have friends after your big day, remember that 99.9% of your vents are likely to be avoidable.  Avoid anger an remember. A screaming bride is accompanied by an increasingly worried husband with unsure cold feet.

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Monday Inspiration|Vintage Wedding Cake From Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

Good morning World! Excited about the week ahead? Attempting to recover from a busy and hopefully fun weekend? Join the club! I like to think I MUST appreciate Monday’s because somewhere out there , there is someone who would have loved to have this day but didn’t get it.

I have a great week of wedding inspiration planned for you all. But before we get into that feast your eyes on this incredible creation by the legendary Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium !

elizabeths cake emporium

How cute is this spin on a vintage wedding cake? Because the cake is so elegant on the outside, the funky inside works!

Wouldn’t this make an incredible top tier on a wedding cake?

x Chi x

Instagram: @studiochiweddings

Style| Phase Eight Bridal and High Street Wedding Dresses?

There is so much that appears to have already been decided for brides and grooms before they begin to plan thier big day. Let me explain myself. We have these incredible remote satellite devices called phones and laptops at our disposal! We have Pinterest, Instagram and blogs all talking about this beautiful and wonderful world of weddings. We feature the highest standards of couturiers, designers and details. This is great if you have a budget of £40,000 and upwards.  So what happens when you have a budget of £10,000? Or £20,000 and want to invite all of your loved ones without agonising over who to leave out. Louboutin shoes at £500? Piece of cake, but that could cover the cost of 6 bridesmaid dresses if your thrifty!

Nothing good comes cheap, but I’m convinced it can be inexpensive.  Yes, Phase Eight is a high street store in the UK. The idea of a high street bridal dress may put some of you off immediately. We’ve been taught to prefer the exclusive. Who doesn’t want something that no one else has?

But here are four reasons you should take the idea very seriously! Along with 5 dresses by Phase Eight Bridal that might change your mind….

 phase eight wedding dress hermione

‘Hermione’ Wedding Dress(£495)

1. The designs are beautiful with incredible detailing(beaded and lace).

2. It will still be a very special because few brides go for a high street dress!

3. High street diffusion bridal designs are never made in bulk. It tends to be a ‘get it in your size while you can’ kinda situation.

4. They are much less expensive than purchasing a bridal dress from a typical retailer and may avoid you living on toast and beans for your first month of marriage. #justsaying.

5. How high street is Phase Eight? Like really, not very!

phase eight elbertine wedding dress

‘Elbertine’ Wedding Dress (£650)

phase eight mariette wedding dress

‘Mariette’ Wedding Dress (£650)

phase eight elodie wedding dress

‘Elodie’ Wedding Dress £750

phase eight wedding dress esme

‘Esme’ Wedding Dress £350

I can hear some of you saying, but what about the independent wedding industry? Will this take away business from our growing bridal industry? Not too much. For one very simple reason.

There are many brides. Which means many tastes, many sizes and many stories. Have you ever tried shopping from just one store exclusively? Very few people do. High street wedding dresses are going to appeal to brides who are planning a last minute wedding. Note that the majority of independent bridal designers need 2-3 months notice for a custom gown. Hunting a Vera Wang or Pronovias in a size 12 for a quickie elopement?  In the UK? Good luck! Not to talk of those dreaming brides who still need to knock off some zero’s. To be or not to be?

Darling, that is the question. Would you?

Chi x

Wedding Photo Ideas

Why hello! Where are you, I hear you say? Alive and well and blogging right now ;-)

I am so glad we are all made differently, and every couple loves uniquely. Your wedding photography is a great way to show off what makes you special and savour the moment! For all of you lovely brides and grooms who are wondering what to do apart from just smiling away. Wedding photo ideas?…here comes some inspiration!

1.  Balloons
wedding balloons amanda wilcher photography
Photography by Amanda Wilcher
2. Signage
 wedding photo prop orange girl photography
Photography by Orange Girl Photography
3. Pets
Photography by Christina Mcneill Photography
4. Fun Backdrops 
Photography by ?(If this is you let me know so I can credit you!)
wedding backdrop ideas 
 Tassel background by Studio Mucci
wedding bouquet chevron wedding ideas
Photography by (J. Anne Photography) via Style Me Pretty
5. Glitter
glitter wedding photo prop
Photography by Dana Grant Photography
6. Ring Bearer Plate
Ring bearer plate
Ring Bearer Ring Dish by OrlyDesign
7. Rings
adebayo deru photography
 Photography by Adebayo Deru
9. Frames
wedding photo ideas framese
Photography by Renaissance Studios Photography
10. Sweet Treats
Photography by {Be Love} Renee Bell Photography
11. Involving God
(As a Christian I believe God makes marriage beautiful! Anything that reminds you of him on the biggest day of your life is wonderful.) 
Wedding Photography by Petruzzo Photography
12. Personalised Buntings
Bride and groom holding bunting
Photography by Lukas & Suzy VanDyke Photography
13. Super Hero Bride and Groom
super hero bride and groom
 Photography by Hoffer Photography 
14. Bubbles
Photography by Leah LaRiccia Photography
15. Funky Footwear
personalised wedding shoes
Photography by ? If you are the photographer, let me know so I can credit you!
Photography by ? If you are the photographer, let me know so I can credit you!
16.  Umbrella’s
wedding lace vintage parasol
Parasols by ChoCoB
 Photography by Tom Hall Photography
17. Candles and Sparklers
Photography by ? If you are the photographer, let me know so I can credit you!
18. Your Veil
wedding day veil t.phillips photography
 Photography by T. Philips
19. Reading each others Love Letters
bride and groom read love letters
 Photography by Spindle Photography
20. Sharing a Drink Together
bride groom mason jar
Photography by Our Labor of Love

Branford, Ontario (Canada) Engagement Shoot From Jono & Laynie Photography

Greetings! Yep, you definately read the header right, our very first engagement shoot on the blog! One of the first things a couple will do is book an engagement shoot with a photographer. I can understand why that can be a little overwhelming! Luckily, engagement shoots are about beautifully capturing the start of a new adventure. Fuss aside, that’s it! That’s what I love about this shoot. No props, no craze….just the love…

The funny thing is that I have actually met this beautiful future bride! She has the kindest heart ever! Upon seeing a snippet of this shoot I knew I had to feature all of it’s glory on the blog. In between the beauty of Canada’s Branford Ontario, and the incredible work by Jono and Laynie. I am totally blown away!

jonoandlaynie photography engagement shoot

How did you meet?

“Kyle and I met at a kids camp in Canada last Summer…. He was a wakeboarding instructor (how cool) and I was just visiting for the week from England- it had always been a dream of mine to go! One of the camp girls I was leading during the week announced from her bunk bed one day that she thought I should marry Kyle (knowing a bit more about him than I did and thinking that he was an amazing man!). Anyway, Kyle and I got talking on the last night of the camp before he moved to America and I went back to England…. And then we found ourselves on Skype quiiiiiite a lot for the next while of our lives…!”

jonoandlaynie photography engagement shoot

jonoandlaynie photography engagement shoot

jonoandlaynie photography engagement shoot


Kyle, What’s your favourite thing about Becky?

“The things that I love about becky are far too many to express in a single statement, but I suppose if I was to sum it up to two things it would be her love and passion for Jesus and the way that that overflows into her commitment to friendship and loving the people around her!”

jonoandlaynie photography engagement shoot

jonoandlaynie photography engagement shoot


Becky, What’s your favourite thing about Kyle?

‘His sense of adventure! It’s the most inconvenient and the best thing, and it’s so unique to him! I won’t live a boring life with Kyle Jaster that’s for sure . I’ve never met anybody who takes on life’s adventures with such ease and excitement! I like that. ‘

jonoandlaynie photography engagement shoot

jonoandlaynie photography engagement shoot

jonoandlaynie photography engagement shoot

 The end of a great courtship and the start of a beautiful engagement! We wish them all the best as the plan their upcoming nuptials!

 Jon and Laynie Photography & Film

Musing| Before you get excited about that Kim Kardashian wedding dress…

I like to think I keep it real. I also like to think I can get away with saying statements like that….

Because I’m that cool? Cringe.

Givenchy will forever be know as the couture house that made THE Kim Kardashian wedding dress. It was well, stunning. You don’t need to be her biggest fan to admit that. I personally don’t watch the program. I’m not on that hype,  though I wouldn’t mind a spree in their wardrobes. However, whilst mentally congratulating the genius that is Richard Tisci at Givenchy who designed the dress. I couldn’t help but wonder. Why was the dress  SO familiar to me? So I did a little digging…..

Kim Kardashian wedding dress I am all over Australian Bridal designers at the moment because they hit the mark between elegant and sexy. So of course Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress looked a little ‘hmm’. It reminded me of a previously designed Steven Khalil wedding dress. I’m not going to accuse any one of stealing but…….(clears throat). My verdict of personal choice? Steven Khalil, as his original version only shows skin at the back. Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy wedding dress featured mesh inserts at the sides and I don’t like cutout styles on brides. The upside is that we know the Steven Khalil version is much more likely to be affordable!

What are your thoughts? Good job to both of them or catfight?

Spotlight| David’s Bridal UK?

The wedding dress…….sigh. Shopping for it is either great fun or a nightmare.  In the UK it is fair to say that we have a growing bridal industry. But I still hear the frustration from British brides who have fallen in love with something not available on our shores. Between importing duties, sizing and practicalities, a shipped dress is not everyone’s most delicious cup of tea.  It is pretty hard to believe that the World’s biggest bridal retailer has just opened in the UK. For all the people looking at their screens and thinking huh? Who? David’s Bridal are an American company, from far far away. Put it this way, they dress one in three brides in America. So yes, they are that big!

David's Bridal wedding dress

Here are three reasons why they are awesome!

1. Great Value For Money: Regardless of the want, it comes down to the money a lot of the time. Being the biggest bridal retailer they pass across savings to you! Classic styles start from £375.00…..(and the cheap one’s are not ugly! #suprised?)

2. Easy and Convenient Service: A personal shopper will guide you through your experience and help you to complete your perfect look. David’s Bridal have everything from the veil to the lingerie,

3. Great Designs and Couture Designer Collaborations: I make a point of never featuring brands with a less than beautiful offerings. There are a lot of pretty designs on the market but what really caught my eye was their couture collaborations. They stock exclusive collections by Melissa Sweet, Zac Posen, Galina and the legendary Vera Wang.

4. You heard it first! They have JUST arrived in the UK. So you reading this right now, have first dibs before every Sally, Susan and Sarah has an appointment! Bad joke, but you catch my drift….My sources tell me customer service there is pretty good too!

Welcome David’s Bridal UK edition!