5 Thoughts Wednesday| 5 Emotional Essentials Before Saying I do.

Wani Olatunde Nigerian Wedding photography

Wani Olatunde Photography

1. Stability

Marriage is a journey in and of itself. It has rivers, mountains, high grounds low ground, paradise’s and marsh land. Get the picture? If you are relying on it to bring the majority of your life’s stability….your wishing on sinking sand. Love is a deep felt feeling boosted by the blessing of heaven(if you choose someone who doesn’t confuse and annoy your guardian angels). Marriage like life has it’s up’s and downs. The great difference is that there is someone spiritually, traditionally, culturally and legally obligated to stand by your side. Cute.

2. Sources of Happiness or Treats.

He or she is bound to offend you. If you allow your relationship to dictate your happiness and joy? Forget having responsibilities, forget having a job and forget having impact on the world. We can’t all suffer because she left her make up smeared on the bathroom sink. The love of your life may inform your mood but should never control it and/or your actions. Strive for peace but walk in it regardless of circumstance.  So if he leaves you kill yourself? God forbid!

Do not prepare to solely rely on your future partner for treats and happy occasions. All these girls waiting to be wined and dined KMT. A Woman is treated like a queen but fully aware that she is married to a King. You will both wear a crown, make sure you are both prepare to polish them! Before he came along, did you not buy shoe and bag? My dear, he is here to sustain you by UPGRADING you. Mr, she is here to support you, not become your hot in house cash point. My brother, are you not ashamed?

Whether you intend to work or be a stay at home wife/husband ( which is also a respectable job and hard work).Make sure you are useful and productive. Only pets should smile, strut and bark for a weekly handout.

3. Support System

Accept that you become each other’s confidants but you both need advisors rooting for your marital success! If all else fails and no one listens to each other, do you have a designated peace maker? Please assign one, before your hot secretaries both male or female expand on their job descriptions at ungodly hours.

4. A Healthy Understanding of the Journey of Marriage.

It confuses me how many people will read reviews about honeymoon destinations but fail to pick up a book about marriage. You won’t talk to a Minister, you won’t talk to previously married couples, you won’t go to seminar, you won’t find out your love languages. Not that these things are a guarantee, but they are at the very least a foretaste. With close to half of marriages ending in divorce and you not having done your research? Are you like trying to become a statistic? Like seriously, major side eye. I suggest you avert your eyes from this screen and Amazon yourself a copy of ‘Married for Life’ by Stuart & Jill Briscoe. I refuse to be held responsible……

5. Be willing to accept the end of single days.

When you get married you are joined to the life of another person. Every decision needs to end with, would God be happy with this or how is this best serving my partnership? If she has to call the ends of the Earth or trawl Facebook to find your whereabouts? This is not ‘Lost’. You just failed on an epic scale. Yes Magaluf sounds like a great idea but, why chase drunken paradise with a memorable Heaven at home? Just a thought….

xo Chi xo

Real Wedding: Seun & Hannah|London Vintage Inspired Nigerian Wedding |BridgeWeddings Photography


 Happy Monday everyone! It’s a new week full of surprises. We have our very first real wedding feature on the blog and I am typing this with so much excitement. A big shout out to award winning Timi of BridgeWeddings Photography for sending me these incredible images of Seun & Hannah’s big day.  It is super rare to find a photographer who is approachable, humble AND super talented. Seriously check out BridgeWeddings Photography brides and grooms! Your photographer really needs to be someone you can trust to capture the best moments of your day whilst making you feel comfortable.

Seun and Hannah are one very attractive couple( I promise no baby jokes hee hee). I love their take on a Nigerian wedding. There will be no spoilers, but her daring lip colour and the grooms unique suit colour? Talk about a trendsetting duo! The vintage touches in their outfits make them an elegant and dapper match. I wish them much happiness and joy in their new journey together.

bridal makeup bridge gap weddings

bridge wedding photography

vintage bridal make up 50's bride bridge wedding photography

IMG_8682hllmrkd white wedding flowers

wedding details bridge wedding photography

vintage wedding car

 How we met:

“It is true that many believers would agree that God was involved in the joining together of themself and their spouse but nothing is more true and evident than that in our meeting.

One of those meetings that when later discussed, candidly points to the handy work of the Only Wise God.

We met in church. Yes, I know, it doesn’t sound very unique. But what made it both unique and special for the both of us (individually) was that we instantly knew we were going to get married! We both had a ‘God moment’ of …. I think this is my wife/husband…(and this was before we had even spoken lol)

One day Hannah introduced herself to me (being the new guy to the church) and I was all the more convinced that she was ‘the One’. As time progressed we spoke in the corridor at church and once in a while between the pews, but never on the phone- I determined not to ask for her number as I didn’t want to be the catalyst for anything. Previous experiences had taught me that God was fully capable and didn’t need my help; so I backed off! Obviously Hannah, being an astute female knew deep down that I was interested but done a good job of not allowing it to influence her behaviour (nor did she give me any inclination as to how she felt).”

bridge wedding photography

nigerian wedding bride wedding photography

“After about 6-9 months of casual chat and random church corridor fellowships, I travelled overseas and couldn’t get her out of my mind which lead me to spend ample time praying about her. Eventually whilst praying I felt a peace that it was a done deal!

On my return I was excited about how things would unfold but to my horrific discovery, Hannah had ‘switched off!’ She seemed a bit cold, brash and uninterested to say the very least. This went on for a while and I periodically would ask her ‘if or how I had offended her, to which she would reply ‘no you haven’t, I’ve just been busy…’

I wasn’t buying it so I let it go for a while but after a few months it was still bugging me so I decided to do something about it and thrash this thing out once and for all… Afteral I ‘knew’ She was my wife, although I began to think I may have made a mistake. So one day, we agreed to meet up. On meeting up, we spoke about any and everything and eventually got around to the big topic… I explained my motive for meeting which was to inform her of how I felt about her and to ask her to prayerfully consider being Mrs Oyedele to which she agreed that she would go away and pray about.

2weeks later, she asked if we could meet… We met, we spoke… And now we are Married! Glory to God!

A word of encouragement to all those hoping, praying and even searching for a life partner…

Wait on God! His timing is perfect and breeds no regrets!”

bridge gap wedding photography london

yellow 50's bridesmaid dress

bridge gap wedding photography

bridge gap wedding photography

yellow bridesmaid dresses bridge gap wedding photography

bridge gap wedding photography

“My favourite thing about Seun is his warm and gentle nature. He is a man of peace that exudes patience and thoughtfulness in every situation.

‎My favourite thing about Hannah is her loving, caring and genuine nature- she soothes when she speaks and can always calm me when I need reigning in.”

(They are so sweet….ok enough of me…)

bridge gap wedding photography

bride and groom silhouette hllmrkd

nigerian wedding bridge gap wedding photography

nigerian wedding bridge gap wedding photography

nigerian bride bridge wedding photography

nigerian wedding bridge gap wedding photography

yoruba bride and groom nigerian bride and groom bridge gap weddings

yoruba bride bridge wedding photography yellow and blue nigerian traditional bride

Church Venue: All Nations Centre,The Apostolic Church, Kennington.

Reception Venue: The Decorium, Wood Green.

Photography: BridgeWedding Photography by Timi of BridgeGap Media


BridgeGap Media on Facebook and Instagram

Make-Up: Imelda Ladebo of Beauty Boudoir

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Bridal Beauty|Black Natural Hair Bride (Senegalese Twist Braids)

The idea that having natural hair was a trend never really sat well with me. Simply because it shouldn’t have to be a trend in order to be accepted. I have heard so many future brides debating about hairstyles and being swayed away from natural styles by friends and family. Why? Here are the reasons I’ve heard.

1. ‘It’s not fancy enough’. Yes, because wearing a weave with a completely different hair type from a completely foreign continent from yours is fancier. Fancier, better looking, best. Interesting deduction…

2. ‘It’s not bridal ?‘Yes, as black brides we are a minority in the statistics. Yes, I could dare you to open 5 wedding magazines and find pictures of 5 black brides. It isn’t going to happen. More so one with black natural hair bride. But should we allow this to affect our idea of what a bride should look like? Whether you want locks, or waves, Peruvian or Brazilian, styled well? It’s all ok!

But here’s the thing…..natural hair is no longer just a ‘phase’.

It has become a movement. There are many more brides opting for styles with or without extensions/clip ins that mimic their natural hair. The problem is that I can’t find any pictures of them to inspire future naturalistas!

Black natural hair bride



Via Make Up artist ‘Juicy Looks’ on Instagram: @juicylooks_mua


Can we take a moment to just appreciate the beauty of this bride! I love that she had a break from tradition with red lipstick! And those lips and eyes! A very sultry bride. Kudo’s to Juicy Looks!

Chi x

5 Things Wednesday: Bridesmaid Tips

I’m not promising to be an expert on this AT ALL! Apart from consulting from weddings I have been a bridesmaid 3 times and maid of honour once. Seeing as I still have many close friends yet to marry and siblings, these will not be the last! And have I learn’t lessons….hee hee!  Unless they all start hating me….Sorry to my sister by the way. It was me to took the last slice(shame face). So, here are some bridesmaid tips. Very applicable for groomsmen too!

eniola alakija photography purple bridesmaid dresses

(Photo by Eniola Alakija Photography)

 1. Do not promise to be someone’s bridesmaid/groom and simply turn up on the day looking pretty. Being a bridesmaid is an honour. A bride asking you to be in her train means she deems you worthy of being in her closest circle in the run up of her impending marriage. you represent her. Understanding that you are there for her will change the way you approach everything concerning the wedding.

2. Utilise your skills to help the bride. Can you organise, can you draw, are you handy with DIY? How can you use your gifts to make your Bride’s life easier? And maybe even save the couple some money?

3. Remember, it isn’t YOUR day! I see way too many picky bridesmaids these days. I’m sorry love.But did you bump your head and forget that your not the queen of the day? That actually you are there to ensure the couple portray the best of THEIR tastes? This is not licence for wicked brides to put dull down pretty girls in ugly dresses. But it is an allowance for tasteful couples to endorse how their day should look like!

If you are city chic bride with boho friends, tough luck hippies you are wearing pearls.If you are a fashionista bridesmaid with a small village nautical loving bride. Know and accept that your all in rope belts, blue and red. if you are a groomsman who would not be caught dead without your velvet suit jacket and loafers, and your groom wants tail coats and top hats. My man, bow down.

4. Be honest with your bride. If she’s turning bridezilla and everyones planning a Hunger Games style revolt with negative vibes, you might want to tell her before arrows go flying. Communicate with her maid of honour. It may seem harsh but tell her that lipstick that make up artist finally wants to use, is not your friends colour. Or any brides colour for that matter. Do not allow your friend to become a meme and gist repost on Instagram.

Tell her having 2 food stations at a wedding for 600 is not a smart idea. Tell her to remember her future husband comes first and create a diversion to keep her away from that crazy chatty uncle who wants to steal all of her dancing time at the reception.

5. Make planning the wedding fun for the Bride or the Groom. The only problem with having a good friend getting married is that suddenly everything revolves around the wedding. And when things get a little rocky, you need to remind them why they are getting married and that they are still your friend. Hang out, catch a film, whatsapp funny pictures. Preventing a runaway groom or a nervous breakdown is only a joke away…..#justsaying.

Chi xx

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Instagram Round Up #2

Instagram photo Round up #2

A collation of recent postings on my personal and blog Instagram accounts!  

1. Me and my sisters/best friends forever 2. Admit it…future brides your guilty! 3. Bride mixing Indian and Edo tradtional dress for her cultural wedding. Respect. 4. Me feeling excited after Church. 5. Afternoon chats, cake and tea.  6. Diamond Guy Hawaii Sapphire ring = Swoon. 7. Stargazer Lilly bouquet 8. A tired me on the way to work in serious need to eyebrow fixing. 9. A groom awaiting his bride. 10. Rules to scare away any wasteman. 11. Draping by Zapphaire Event co-ordination. 12. Say no more! 13. Bea’s Boutique in Covent Garden, hands down best Afternoon tea I have ever had! 14. Know  your worth darling, starburst style. 15. When you come home and your sister has made dinner. 16. The future Mrs Atilary Photography at her court wedding looking like a million bucks! 17. Flawless 18. Red and Gold Gele and Custom fan update red for sure! Her eyes though! 19. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Ovia. 20. Monica Vinader bracelets, why don’t I have one yet?



xo Chioma ox


Monday Inspiration| Alternative Wedding Bouquet

Woop Woop! It’s a new week on the blog. I hope you are well. In case you all haven’t noticed, I’m enjoying the world of Instagram @studiochiweddings. Tell you the truth I’m a bit hooked! But the thing is, after you’ve read a tonne of magazines and subscribed to every blog with a fluffy name and flowers in the background, you can find yourself…..well. Bored!

When everyone goes to the same places for inspiration, they can all tend to look the same.  That I can forgive. But when brides start to look the same, no! Not acceptable. We are all far too unique to start wearing and accessorising with the same cubic zirconia chandelier earrings, lace dress and red bottoms. It will suit one beautiful girl. In fact it will be perfect……..for her. But you? When all of Summer 2014 weddings start to blur into one. God forbid.

When I see something different, like an alternative wedding bouquet?

I must share…

Diann Valentine alternative wedding bouquet floral bridal cuff

Isn’t it beautiful?

I predict that this will be suited for a no fuss, non-traditional modern bride. A cuff is easier to dance with, leaving you with both hands free. It also leaves you without the weight of a traditional bouquet. Having held a few, I know they are pretty heavy.This raises another point. Why when we use the most incredibly creative floral designers, do we restrict them to the traditional. I’m waiting for the bride who give a designer a scheme and tell them to go for it.

For those of you who were looking forward to throwing your bouquet. This may not be an option for you as throwing a cuff does NOT have the same effect.   Or perhaps you could publicly appreciate your maid of honour  or mother by giving her your floral cuff to to wear later on the evening. Let’s start a new tradition!

Prices start from $300/ approx £185

Diann Valentine

Etsy Find|Custom Bridesmaid Gifts

Hello wonderful readers! Thank you for your patience last week, while I sorted out the tech issues. I signed up to write about pretty things, not chase software engineers around the globe! Nevertheless, that’s life! At least there is one more problem I now know how to solve.

If you have followed my blog from it’s very confused beginning, you will have cottoned on to the fact that I am obsessed with Etsy. Etsy is the ultimate online marketplace bringing independent crafters and businesses right into your wedding. Thousands of shops at your fingertips!

Your custom bridesmaid gifts, clutches and momento’s all in one! To top it all off they are super affordable. ‘Happily Ever After XOXO’ are currently not shipping to all countries, but perhaps they can be persuaded?

Custom Bridesmaid Gift Clutches by HappilyEverAfterXOXO

£18.52 Each.

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5 Things Tuesday|5 Don’ts For An Elegant Bride…


Elegant:  Pleasingly graceful/Stylish in appearance and manner/ Describing a person dressing tastefully.

heather lindsey wedding dayA most elegant bride ! Heather Lindsey getting dressed on her wedding day! She champions Biblical Femininity and Purity through her global movement ‘Pinky Promise’.

  1. Do not have too much flesh on show. I say this one first because it is the most noticeable. Yes it’s your big day and you want to express your personality. But the minute you put on a white dress you subscribe to all that it represents. Have you ever asked why it is white. Simple answer: purity and grace. There is a reason all eyes on the Bride. Her role is one of honour.  Having your everything on show before the night makes his role on the night far from exclusive…..#justsaying. 
  2. Do not forget to prep your body. Girls will spend £1000 on the dress, £300 on the hair and forget to moisturise their elbows. Oh dear.
  3. Do not overdose on the extra’s. This is not the nail olympics, why are your nails longer than your fringe? Almost poking holes in the lace. If I had a pound for every bride who told me she regretted her then ‘on trend’ ghetto style choices….I’d have enough for that Chanel 2.55 bag WITH the gold hardware(sigh).
  4. Don’t loose your head. Do not get drunk and think that the dance floor is the perfect place to serenade your husband for the first time. Grandma wants to think of you as her maturing little girl, not her nightmare ‘drunk in love’ prodigal daughter.Save it for later sweetie. Drop that glass. You should be able to remember the day, not slur through it.
  5. Bridezilla makes a great tv show. But no one wants to be  friends with one. If you want to still have friends after your big day, remember that 99.9% of your vents are likely to be avoidable.  Avoid anger an remember. A screaming bride is accompanied by an increasingly worried husband with unsure cold feet.

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Monday Inspiration|Vintage Wedding Cake From Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

Good morning World! Excited about the week ahead? Attempting to recover from a busy and hopefully fun weekend? Join the club! I like to think I MUST appreciate Monday’s because somewhere out there , there is someone who would have loved to have this day but didn’t get it.

I have a great week of wedding inspiration planned for you all. But before we get into that feast your eyes on this incredible creation by the legendary Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium !

elizabeths cake emporium

How cute is this spin on a vintage wedding cake? Because the cake is so elegant on the outside, the funky inside works!

Wouldn’t this make an incredible top tier on a wedding cake?

x Chi x

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Style| Phase Eight Bridal and High Street Wedding Dresses?

There is so much that appears to have already been decided for brides and grooms before they begin to plan thier big day. Let me explain myself. We have these incredible remote satellite devices called phones and laptops at our disposal! We have Pinterest, Instagram and blogs all talking about this beautiful and wonderful world of weddings. We feature the highest standards of couturiers, designers and details. This is great if you have a budget of £40,000 and upwards.  So what happens when you have a budget of £10,000? Or £20,000 and want to invite all of your loved ones without agonising over who to leave out. Louboutin shoes at £500? Piece of cake, but that could cover the cost of 6 bridesmaid dresses if your thrifty!

Nothing good comes cheap, but I’m convinced it can be inexpensive.  Yes, Phase Eight is a high street store in the UK. The idea of a high street bridal dress may put some of you off immediately. We’ve been taught to prefer the exclusive. Who doesn’t want something that no one else has?

But here are four reasons you should take the idea very seriously! Along with 5 dresses by Phase Eight Bridal that might change your mind….

 phase eight wedding dress hermione

‘Hermione’ Wedding Dress(£495)

1. The designs are beautiful with incredible detailing(beaded and lace).

2. It will still be a very special because few brides go for a high street dress!

3. High street diffusion bridal designs are never made in bulk. It tends to be a ‘get it in your size while you can’ kinda situation.

4. They are much less expensive than purchasing a bridal dress from a typical retailer and may avoid you living on toast and beans for your first month of marriage. #justsaying.

5. How high street is Phase Eight? Like really, not very!

phase eight elbertine wedding dress

‘Elbertine’ Wedding Dress (£650)

phase eight mariette wedding dress

‘Mariette’ Wedding Dress (£650)

phase eight elodie wedding dress

‘Elodie’ Wedding Dress £750

phase eight wedding dress esme

‘Esme’ Wedding Dress £350

I can hear some of you saying, but what about the independent wedding industry? Will this take away business from our growing bridal industry? Not too much. For one very simple reason.

There are many brides. Which means many tastes, many sizes and many stories. Have you ever tried shopping from just one store exclusively? Very few people do. High street wedding dresses are going to appeal to brides who are planning a last minute wedding. Note that the majority of independent bridal designers need 2-3 months notice for a custom gown. Hunting a Vera Wang or Pronovias in a size 12 for a quickie elopement?  In the UK? Good luck! Not to talk of those dreaming brides who still need to knock off some zero’s. To be or not to be?

Darling, that is the question. Would you?

Chi x