The Spotlight’s On: Mila Mira Wedding Dresses

Dearest Stylish Readers,

Every week, I aim to bring you a designer or dress that has totally captured my attention! Often someone new on the scene or not as well known yet. When  it comes to craft the have to actively look for the best. I am looking! This week is for Mila Mira wedding dresses.A Russian bridal collection who features incredibly elegant details. This brand is for the elegant  girl who is now a lady.  Also, there are prices on some of them! They are incredibly affordable. Don’t you love that? Don’t you hate when you fall in love with a dress when your on a budget in a wedding magazine and its £8000? I call the reaction, the sigh and sit.

Ursa: It’s skirt is made using two colors of tulle – sky blue and light grey – to achieve original multidimensional shade. The skirt is extra full as well but thanks to complex draping techniques still very airy and light. £712.00


Svadebnoe: This gown features a nude color corset bodice with sweetheart neckline, illusion tulle embroidered overlay and a-line skirt. The skirt is made using one layer of beautiful light dusty-pink chiffon covered with one layer of natural white tulle with polka dots and two layers of natural white tulle. This makes the overall color of the skirt multidimensional and subtle.

‘Arseniya: This gown features a sweetheart neckline, ruched tulle bodice, and low back. The skirt is made using one layer of off white chiffon, three layers of beautiful bluish grey soft tulle and one layer of off white tulle. Off shoulder sleeves are detachable, secured by two press studs each. Back button closure, the buttons are handmade and covered with matching fabric. Lovely hand beaded grosgrain ribbon sash is included.’


Volga: This gown features a corset bodice in light peachy pink color covered with Chantilly lace and a full tulle skirt.
The bodice is made of an interesting and beautiful velvety material with embossed pattern covered with natural white Chantilly lace. Accentuated cups and boning provide structure and support. Spaghetti straps can be worn both straight across shoulders and criss-cross at the back thanks to detachable press buttons at both ends.
The skirt is really full, made of double lining, five layers of peachy pink and natural white tulle draped to achieve this “artistic messy” look we like so much.


‘Courtney: This gown features a corset bodice with accentuated cups and floral embroidery and an a-line skirt.
This look is definitely haute couture inspired, bold and romantic at the same time with a lot of unique eye-catching details. Perfect for a bride who’s ready to stand out and channel her inner couture princess.’


‘This alluring A-line gown features nude colored sweetheart neckline corset with unique embroidery and beading and a chiffon skirt with chapel train. The skirt is made of two layers of silky chiffon — one layer is in color dusty pink covered with another layer in natural white color. As a result the shade of the skirt is really beautiful and subtle. The central part of the bodice is embroidered with garden roses beaded with clear sequins and side parts are beaded with seed beads and crystals. ‘


‘ZARYANA: This ultra feminine wedding gown features light pink satin corset and soft natural white tulle overlay with long sleeves and unique embroidered flower appliqué. The A-line skirt is made of four layers of lightest pink tulle to complement the shades in the embroidery. Embroidery over illusion open back evokes romance and intrigue. The flowers are beaded with clear sequins to add just the right amount of sparkle.’

Amur: Bodice of this dress consists of light and comfortable corset made of satin and delicate Chantilly lace overlay with adorable sleeves/wings made of thinnest Swiss dotted tulle. Together with low and sheer back these sleeves beautifully complement overall ethereal look of the bride. Corset of this dress has sweetheart shaped neckline and is fully boned to provide structure and support. £622

Mila Mira Wedding Dresses is available via Etsy & Rock The Frock Bridal Boutiques.

Prices may vary.

Save The Date Postcard

Disclaimer. I cannot stand cheesiness. But I love, love. All of it, in all of it’s glorious intoxicating deliciousness.  I love love and I love being in love. My Husband is the hottest man I have ever seen and God don’t make ugly so I am not half bad. I am more a design/ concept heavy creative,  I didn’t really want our faces all over our save the dates . In fact, I am generally not fond of that Nigerian tradition of splashing peoples faces over everything wedding favour related like we are all royalty. Though there are cute exceptions to the rule and I prefer to be simply royalty in Christ (smile). `

Due to my pickiness and complete nit-picking it took forever and a day for me to settle on a design. Of course according to my Fiancee everything I did was ‘perfect’ and I would point out exactly why it wasn’t. Being with a perfectionist is hard work! Sometimes I feel sorry for the guy, ha! Even though I was designing my own save the dates, I was picky with myself beyond belief. They set the tone for the whole wedding, I knew what I wanted them to be. A little unexpected but chic. With room  for a personalised note if necessary.

I knew they had to incorporate our favourite Bible verse the hand calligraphy was done by myself as were all the drawings.


Captured by James Green

Advantage of a Postcard Save the date:

  1. Saved the cost of envelopes!
  2. Easy to write.
  3. Traditional novelty. People don’t really send letters and postcards anymore. I miss that.
  4. Unexpected but chic and memorable.
  5. Cost effective.

So there you have it! The postcard save the date is a design I love to do.

If you wish to have me make yours (which would be a smart decision if i do say so myself) contact me via

Would you plan your own bridal shower? 

Ooooo…this is going to be controversial.  I hear some of you now saying, but is this even a debate? Of course not! And others going, this is the answer to my prayers!

Lets start at the beginning, what is a bridal shower anyway and where did the hype start and what is it?

In case you reading this live on  a roof without wifi. A bridal shower is advice/gift giving party held for the bride to be before her big day. Made popular by American, Canadian, New Zealand and Australian brides. It is now the norm. Different from a hen party which is a planned fun night/day out in honour of the bride. Some brides get both, some get one. The assumption is that your maid of honour and bridesmaids should plan either as traditionally done. But having been a bride and spoken to a number of brides, some couldn’t help thinking it could have been better. It is now event highly anticipated, not as much as the big day but in a big way. The hope is you only ever have the one in your lifetime, you want it to be pretty awesome. The truth is the whole bridal experience was designed to be once in a lifetime. Is it mean to want to plan your own or does it ruin the point to jut ask people to just bring gifts…..

The Case For Yes

1. You get what you want and how you want it

Theres always the fear that someone will stick a city girl in the middle of nowhere and expect her to climb trees in the name of experience. Some brides just aren’t convinced their friends know them enough to plan such an event and get it right. Some aren’t sure they care enough to get it right. Caring for a friend is different from loving a friend. They are two different things. Love will drive someone to go above and beyond. Often you don’t realise who loves and who cares for you until you really need them to love you.

2. You are not dissapointed.

Disappointment is one of the worst feelings in the world and one that should not be associated with any aspect of a wedding. Yes we do live in a world where the expectations are high but the truth is you really do only get married once. A bridal shower is your closest’s best opportunity to shower you with their love and appreciation as you take on life’s journey with another person. Having been a bride I can imagine there are two ways disappointment in this can  strike the bride. It can be a cruel revelation that those who you choose don’t know or care about you enough to put on the event of your dreams. Or fight for it if theres in fighting(quite common). Or the awful realisation that their actions demonstrate you are not their priority. If you know your bridesmaids don’t get on and won’t be able to come to good conclusion in good feelings with a good attitude and allow you to enjoy the day? I can understand wanting to plan it yourself.

3. Less burden on your bridal party to ‘get it right’.

If your a picky one. By that I mean your the kind of person people ask for a list from every Christmas and birthday. As opposed to the risk of wasting their money. And following such questions you say, no it is the thought that counts but post unwrapping brainstorm what you will exchange it for. My dear friend, your exactly the kind of picky somebody I am talking about. And if you did not know so before, allow me to introduce you to yourself. Your picky, that is fine. Few people will understand you, the hope is by the age of marriage you will have found people who get you. But sadly, loving someone doesn’t always mean they get your taste. Which is cool but not very helpful if they need to plan an event for you right?

Planning your own bridal shower could seem like

4. Less expenses on your bridal party.


Being a bridesmaid can be pretty

Let’s be real


Flower Girl Inspiration from Milly’s Wedding Shop

Beautiful, luxe looking flower girl dress are hard to find. They often look cheap, tacky or inferior next to the fabrics and styles of bridesmaid dresses. These dresses are for a bride who really loves  her girls and wants them to be in dresses as beautiful as hers. Dreamy enough to make her feel like a princess, but elegant enough that it wouldn’t class as fancy dress. The details and fabrics used are so luxe.

Check out Milly’s Wedding Shop here.


Check them out!

Wedding gift ideas that don’t suck?

Its a new era! With the majority of us living alone or with friends and siblings before we get married, we tend to already have those living essentials. To be honest the trusty classic Le Creuset casserole dish and frying pan we can trust to be purchased by those traditional aunts and uncles of ours. Even if we don’t have the essentials already, we know that most will give us the gifts that will turn our marital houses into homes.

So here’s to the cool couple you know. Who already have everything or will get everything. Let’s stop giving gifts that people will politely keep…….in the storage cupboard. Let’s start being cool again. Let’s stop giving gifts that will be brought out of the archive every time we visit. Here are some gift ideas that do not suck!

1.Articulate: Drumond Park Articulate! Game here

This fast talking description game is just so fun.


2. Umbra Prism Photoframes here 

Contemporary, quirky and cool. I’d fill my own house with with these in gold if no one stopped me. Don’t be fooled by competitor knock offs. The original brand Umbra’s quality and finesse is unparalled. If you looking for softer pastel hues, check out Oliver Bonas.


3. Gold Alphabet Letters : Oliver Bonas £10 each

Because, they are just cool and cute. Here!


4. Metallic Personalised Favourite Song Sound Wave Print by HOUSE OF YVE

Know their favourite song or some of the music they’ll be using in their wedding? Get it beautifully crafted by one of the below artisans.

Metallic Song Lyrics Or Poem Print by HOUSE OF YVE

Personalised Couple’s Lyric Framed Songbook by SARAH & BENDRIX

5. Mr And Mrs Wedding Day Heart Bed Blanket by BABY YORKE DESIGNS


6. Personalised Marble Wine Cooler by MARBLETREE

This is just tres chic.

7. Golden Cup Tea Light Holder by THE FOREST & CO
For that couple that loves to entertain. on a dining table filled with friends and laughter. perfect atmospheric piece.
8. Theatre Tokens available here
 A night out at the theatre or cinema tickets. Perfect date night gift.
9. GoApe vouchers
For the adventurous couple. A tree swinging, okay not quite swinging but it does look it it? Anyway they are  £90 for two. Bargain I reckon, and you’ll be the great fun loving friend that bought it for them. Win! With 61 locations across the UK their bound to be close to one. Recently visited a friend and happened to walk by one on the way to her house. They are a lot closer and more convienient than you think.
10. Mr & Mrs Smith Wedding Vouchers
Life get busy  and every married couple just needs to get a room sometimes. Have a couple of hours of good heated fun(wink), sharing and a break from the noise. I am particularly interested in the UK boutique hotels featured on the site. Vouchers purchased from this site would be a great weekend getaway or summer staycation. The price points of their abroad hotels are competitive for their exclusivity and the design factor.

ASOS Bridal?

I’m used to perusing the ASOS site for the new-in section. Let’s not forget the outlet section that magically never has my size 10 in stock as all of us click but at the same time. My frustration isn’t showing is it? The truth is ASOS is the millennial woman’s go to for online shopping.We’ve all heard of it. Most of us have purchased from it. Also known as the fast great outfit website. When window shopping the other night(which is totally possible with no judgement in front of a screen), I found a bridal section. Bridal? On ASOS!?

The question is, is it any good? Is it couture? No. Is it pretty, yes! Is it affordable yes! Suits me. The truth is internet shopping is a phenomenon successful because of its ease. I believe a lot of wedding related business will be work predominantly online in the future. Simply because what brides & grooms were prepared to do years ago, they aren’t prepared to do in 2016. They just don’t have the time. Work isn’t easier and any choices that can be made easier will be. This is one of the many reasons I feature so many online stockists on blog. Even if we do not buy online, we’ll search online first.

Some things I find rather pretty:


Knock yourself out….right…!




Happy New Year From Chioma!! Studio-Chi on LovemyDress & Hubbee Weddings!

Captured by James Green

Why hello fabulous readers! Happy, happy, happy new year. It is going to be a great year, I can feel it in my bones. God has the greatest plans for us. I just know it and we are going to keep celebrating love in the most stylish ways possible.  As you’ve guessed from the title of this blogpost I have two great pieces of news to share.

  1. The Studio-Chi wedding aka our wedding, myself & Tobi’s is gracing the pages of Love My Dress wedding blog right now! As a wedding blogger I feel incredibly privileged that Annabel would share our story on the Uk’s leading wedding blog! Can’t quite believe it if you ask me :-) For the last instalment of the Studio Chi Wedding click here. Oh and by the way just for you my special readers, I will be dedicating a day super soonon Instagram purely to the wedding. I’ll be sharing never before seen images. So you’ll have to watch @studiochiweddings for that!
  2. DRUMROLL! I am now a contributing writer for Hubbee weddings! Hubbee weddings is a new site that bridges together vendors and future brides and grooms! It is just so exciting to be a part of this special site that will make so many brides and groom jobs just so much easier! I’ve kicked off the year writing a post for them on 2017’s biggest wedding trends! It’s righhhhhhttttt here!

It’s a fab start to the year and I look forward to sharing more with you! Till the next one xx

The Next Big Thing: Needle & Thread Bridal Collection 2017

They have been on a fashionista’s radar for a while now. But they are now on our bridal watch list too.

In their own words…

‘Needle & Thread is a British contemporary brand for every celebration, specialising in beautifully adorned pieces through sensitive colours and artisan decoration. Following its launch in April 2013, with a capsule collection of embellished dresses, the brand received instant recognition for offering expertly drawn lace and floral motifs in intricate threads and sequins. In 2015, the collections have continued to diversify, establishing Needle & Thread as a global celebration brand, creating unique pieces to treasure for that memorable moment.’

I love, love the ethereal gowns with the vintage glamorous beadwork and decadence. Every gown is incredibly elegant, vintage inspired and fashion forward.I’d say this is for the bride who wants the incredible expertise of a bridal gown without the commercial look or fuss at a healthy budget. Something truly unique. Each artisan piece is lovingly crafted and best of all, not everywhere!

The new 2017 collection is absolutely everything! It builds on the beauty of the brands iconic details. I love the introduction of pink hues….

 Astral Gown, £850.00

 Astral Gown, £850.00
 Rosette Gown, £950.00
 Rosette Gown, £950.00
 Rosette Gown, £950.00
 Rosette Gown, £950.00
 Trailing Tiered Gown, £750.00
 Trailing Tiered Gown, £750.00
 Trailing Tiered Gown, £750.00
 Trailing Tiered Gown, £750.00
 Rosette Top, £225.00
 Rosette Top, £225.00
 Astral Maxi Dress, £650.00
 Astral Maxi Dress, £650.00
 Astral Maxi Dress, £650.00
 Astral Maxi Dress, £650.00
 Astral Maxi Dress, £750, Astral Cape, £225.00
 Trailing Tulle Maxi Dress, £275, Trailing Cape, £250.00
 Trailing Tulle Maxi Dress, £275, Trailing Cape, £250.00
 Trailing Tulle Maxi Dress, £275, Trailing Cape, £250.00
 Trailing Tulle Maxi Dress, £275.00
 Astral Saree, £1,150.00
 Astral Saree, £1,150.00
 Available soon! Check out Needle & Thread’s website for the current needle and thread’s wedding dress collection.

How to pick a wedding photographer


By Lao K Photography

Choosing your wedding photographer is arguably the most important decision you make about your wedding.  I would even go as far as arguing that it is the only investment you pay for on your wedding day (apart from rings). As a couple you place incredible trust in him/her. You are giving them the job of capturing one of the biggest, happiest memories of your life. Documenting it in the way that brings back all of highlights of your day. All the details you spent months slaving over, the napkins you painstackingly matched and the flower girl sash you ended up importing from the middle of nowhere…..

Your photographs are the one thing you take away from from wedding day, they are celebrated from generation to generation. You don’t want someone good, you want someone amazing! So here are my tips for picking the photographer of your dreams!


  1.  Do they have your date available and if yes how long in advance do I need to book to secure my date?
  2.  How many hours do they normally photograph for?  Do the math and calculate the hours you need to be around for, and make sure they are there for all your big moments!


  1. An exclusive photographer usually asks to meet/ Skype the couple before booking. Don’t be offended if they do. It is their way of ensuring their chemistry and the style of the couple match up. A good photographers reputation is everything to them. They will want to exceed your expectations. They also understand the need to build a great relationship. It is the only way you make great art. No relationship? No way you will feel comfortable in front of them when it counts!
  2. Do you both love the photographer, do you get along with them?
  3. Is the photographer concernced about your needs or just eager to please? When you speak to the photographer ensure you determine whether they are listening to you. Not just ticking boxes towards another paycheque. If they don’t listen to what you want, prepare to be confused when  you see pictures.
  4. Are they easy to reach? I dare you to test your photographer, do they respond to messages quickly in the enquiry stage? If not forget it. They will be difficult to get a hold of before the wedding too. If it barks like a dog, it probably is. You get one wedding, not worth any risk.

Logistics & Timing:

  1. Are travel costs included in their price?
  2. Will they be staying the night before where you are staying? If so, will they expect you to pay or is that included in the price. I would suggest, if you are set on a photographer, make sure they do. Bridal mornings are often very early. Transport & traffic are historical enemies.
  3. How long after the wedding will I get my photographs? Some photographers take longer than others, so do ask to avoid an unexpected wait. I received my wedding photographs 3 days after our wedding. I’ve heard of some photographers taking up to 3 months to deliver. hmm…
  4. What is their back up plan if the worst happens. Do they have liability insurance? That way your covered in case little sally runs who barely got invited straight into the Canon.
  5. Will they be dressed appropriately? Most good photographers are as they should fit in! No point insisting on a black tie dress code with two people in t-shirts and jeans racing in between the pews.
  6. Some photographers shoot for a specific time period. Is there an extra charge for additional stay if they notice its needed or the day runs late. Ensure you ask to avoid a hefty additional charges.

The Package: 

  1. In what format will your photographs be delivered?
  2. If digital, are you free to use your photographs as wish? Who does the license belong to, them, you or joint? Yes there are licences for photographs!
  3. Is a printed album included in the charge or is it an additional charge?


  1. Do they charge extra for retouching(smoothing over) photographs?
  2. Do you want retouch at all? If not inform them.



  1. How much is their deposit?
  2. When does it need to be paid by?
  3. Ask if there any any extra costs you need to know about.

Diagnose their photography style:

Why is this important? Pick a photographer who shoots your style of wedding and photography best.  Photographers will be annoyed with me because of course they want to do a variety of weddings. But let’s be honest, I’m not about to let you be an experiment on your wedding day. There are many photographers that are chameleons however, and if they are you will see them shoot all of the below styles. They are about as rare as a unicorn. If you find one, kudos!

Classic Wedding Photographer: A photographer who wants to capture the day simply. Minimal photoshopping. Posed shots. Will make use of the canvas you have given him. This photographer is great for a couple who aren’t too particular about the topic. Who just wants a few pictures to frame. Beware of this photographer if you are having a scaled back wedding or a beautifully minimalist wedding, but don’t want it to come across in pictures as simple. The more simple and let’s be honest, budget friendly your wedding is the better the photographer you will need. A different kind of photographer will draw out the beauty of simplicity better and the emotional details that make it extraordinary.

Contemporary/ Modern Wedding Photographer: They are all about heavy contrast, deep colours and contrast. Lovers of detail shots and candid moments.Expect unusual angles and photographs that symbolise greater meaning. Great for capturing opulence, weddings with vibrant culture and city weddings.

Whimsical Vintage Inspired Photography: This is the hardest to describe as it is a relatively new style. This photographer focuses on artistic and fanciful shots with the hint of an older time. This is a new style of photography made popular in the last year or so. Images are soft, have heaps of tone, emphasise pretty details, styled compositions and loving moments.

Documentary/ Journalistic Style Photography: This wedding album will view like a story, this photographer will not miss a moment. That will be their priority. This photographer is a little bit of a chameleon and can adjust the tone of the photograph for the moments sake. Your wedding style will hugely influence him/her. Candid shots will lead the way, they will rarely shoot a posed photograph unless asked to. Expect creative spins on classic ring shots, getting ready photographs and family captures.

Hope this helps!!

Planning The Wedding: The Dress! David’s Bridal Review

Why hello! How art thou? I hope you are all well. The weather is changing here in the UK and its gone from unpredictably warm to unpredictably chilly. I am not a fan. I’m sitting with orange juice and brioche writing this blogpost and reflecting on the wonder that is the wedding dress. We have become obsessed by the beautiful idea. I’m not a post millennial ignorant of the fact that this is a not a new phenomena. This has been going on for centuries and exclusive bridal gowns contrary to the knowledge of most have always been in existence. In centuries past it was not just the style but the fabric options that made a dress rare. With mechanical fibre spinning options that made thread not in existence, the finest cottons and silks were spun by hand. Embellishment of decorative elaborate techniques defined whilst the latter was the opposite. Simple. The extremes made the equivalent of our ‘on trend’ or out of ‘fashion’.

I declare a fact, quote me anywhere. If the dress suits you and you look and feel like a bride in it. Then its the best dress in the world for you! The most important dress is the one for you. I’m not a fan of bridal dresses that reveal absolutely everything for modesty reasons. I believe that the sexiest is left insinuated and left unsaid.

With that in mind, I wasn’t so bothered about the latest styles etc. I’m obsessed with whats happening in the bridal world because I feel it can help a bride find HER perfect match. The trend shouldn’t make the bride’s look as fun as trends can be.

When it came to my look I had a very specific idea of the style I was going for. I did not want to be a modern bride or a princess. My favourite design era’s are the 20’s-30’s and the 70’s bohemian period. That should tell you all you need to know. It wasn’t going to be the typical look. I spend half my time permanently attached to my phone looking at bridal trends and still never really found anything that was perfect.

To sum it up:

  1. The dress could not be modern. I didn’t want to be a princess either, so no mountains of fabric or loo roll holders. It had to be Bohemian or 20’s/Gatsby inspired.

  2. I didn’t want it to cost the earth. Maybe I was an unusual bride but my dress wasn’t a big priority money wise. I would rather have put more money into decor, venue or cakes.

  3. It had to be unique but show off my figure. Most bohemian and 20’s inspired dresses are very loose fitting. A challenge I anticipated.

I quickly found a tailor I thought could bring my dreams come to life but still wanted the experience of trying on dresses. I went with an army to David’s Bridal in Stratford and asked my family and best friends to pick dresses they thought might suit me. This might sound as weird to you. In my experience helping brides I have learnt that the length your friend and family know you can be an unexpected surprise. Preferably the better for the sake of the bride.

For most brides it probably would have provoked chaos with mountains of dresses selections. With my picky taste in the whole shop only 6 options were selected. Most just for fun.

Dress 1:



This was actually my number 1 option to try  on at David’s, if it was going to be a David’s Bridal gown this was the first choice. Beautiful delicate lace and a lord of the rings esque cape. Gorgeous. Plus’s, beautiful shape and delicate lace. But it annoyed me that the cape was not de-attachable. I thought it was so super disappointing. But not disappointing enough that the dress wasn’t gorgeous.


Dress 2:


Surprisingly chic. I loved the beadwork on top of the lace and the simplicity made it very elegant. Conveniently the short pixie cut I had that day worked really well with the dress. Teamed with the veil its a truly great look but not sure if the dress is for me. Too simple or super elegant?


Dress 3:



This dress looked gorgeous on me and was a huge favourite with my visitors. We are divided because as much as it looked amazing, it wasn’t my style at all being more 50’s. It was super sophisticated and the drama would be perfect for a church wedding because of it’s long train. It definitely  had the drama for that long aisle. Decisions!

Dress 4:


Not even going to pretend this was an option. Not my taste at all, you’ll see my reaction in the video!

Dress 5:


davids bridal





Super 20’s inspired dress. Simplistic silhouette and delicate lace with a slight shimmer in person with a beautifully embellished top. It twinkled! But the shape :-( no no no! What too loose fitting, changing it would take some serious work and cost some serious pounds.

Dress 6:

Super classic and elegant. Lace appliqué everywhere. There wasn’t much that made it unique for me, and it didn’t channel any era’s past. So for the girl with her her in clouds of decades past, it was unlikely to get a seat on the lifeboat.

What can I say about the ultimate David’s Bridal review at Stratford? The lady that helped us was so nice but the experience super disappointing! We had an appointment but still waited 30 mins, our stylist was changed in the middle of consulting as it was ‘time for her to go home’. I was so grateful because the sweet lady we got instead was lovely. Don’t worry I shared my feelings with the relevant parties. Since then, in my dealings with them the service was better and having looked at reviews from other brides it seems the many unfavourable reviews have shaken them into a change around. I’m grateful for that, I love the ethos of the brand, bringing great design to a bride of great taste on a budget.


So there you have it! You’ll have to wait to figure out what I chose…..feel free to guess though?