5 Things Tuesday| 5 Ways to Annoy Your Wedding Guests

Hey everyone! So it’s Wednesday but let’s …..

I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying this blog switch up. Before my little project became a wedding blog, I used to do a series called 5 Things Tuesday. 5 thoughts on a random topic. This ’5 Things’ edition has a wedded spin on it! 5 ways to annoy your wedding guests? Every couple wants their wedding guests to rave about how amazing their wedding days. Or at best, just enjoy it. Unfortunately, a lot of nuptials leave a bad after taste. Take note future brides and grooms….

wedding sign board

1.  Weddings that are so expensive to attend that your guests evaluate whether it’s worth going. If your friends are millionaire’s it’s cool. If your friends have stuff like bills and rent to think about, think carefully about your wedding’s area code. Don’t make people spend money they don’t have travelling to  Timbukto when you can get married in a pretty place an hour away. Don’t have bridal parties that wipe your girls of their month’s pocket money. Don’t have a stag do that costs each guy as much as the brides dress! Then  you’ll still expect them to get you a hen gift AND a wedding gift? You’ll be lucky if they give you a £10 Homebase voucher….

2. No Parking Spaces. Your friends and family are keen to celebrate with you. They make the drive and then realise that they have made their car homeless. So they will probably park illegally. Then your guests will sit through the ceremony calculating the fee they will recieve while you make the boldest statement of your life. Don’t be surprised if everyone seems more interested in the 18th Century clock by the altar. Yes it’s nice, but they are just counting down the minutes. Congratulations,  you have just made half of your guests criminals…with a £75 fine. Make sure those thank you cards are nice…

3. Guest’s not actually seeing the bride and groom. It’s a bit of a flop when you attend a wedding but see more of the couple’s outfits on instagram the day after. Bad planning, bad photographers, rushing and ill thought venues tend to carry the most blame. We know your happy getting married, but it would be super nice to see your smiles.

4. When the wedding cake doesn’t actually get served. My biggest pet peeve. You display the delicious thing, give it it’s own table. Then we watch you cut into it and YOU share it. But that’s the last time we see it. Wickedness. How could you? It would be better if you announced it was just for the family so people like me don’t keep looking over their shoulder for a tray with slices.

5. When the food/drink runs out or or is served with tiny portions. We appreciate that you wonderful brides and grooms have so much to pay for. But if your wedding leaves your guests hunting for the local chippie…..theres a problem. With a venue that is so scenic….but surrounded by wildlife. So no chance of a fish and chips anyway.  Did you invite them to wander the desert? Worst of all, some parents end up hunting down a plate for their kids? (I have literally seen this happen.) All the makings of a ‘Lost’ episode. But with better wardrobe and understandable finish .

What are your pet peeves? I’d love to know!

x Chi x

Nigerian Bridal Jewellery: Beads By Oma

If you think you know weddings, you just don’t. Not until you have experienced a Nigerian wedding. Of course as a Nigerian I am completely biased. The standards at a Nigerian wedding are slightly different from the norm. On average a Nigerian bride will change outfits a whopping 3 times on her wedding day.

Outfit 1: White Bridal Dress

Outfit 2: Nigerian Traditional Dress (The style depends on what tribe she belongs to or is marrying into.) Which requires the style of jewellery we like to call Nigerian Bridal Jewellery.

Outfit 3: Party Dress( A modern evening dress she can actually dance in)

I was super excited when I came across Beads by Oma. I always see jewellery sets for Nigerian Brides in photo’s but have no vendor knowledge. After asking around I found out that neither do most people!

Beads by Oma ship worldwide and the reviews are excellent. Their brides speak for themselves….

beads by oma nigerian jewellery nigerian bride nigerian bridal jewellery

nigerian jewellery nigerian wedding jewellery nigerian wedding nigerian bride
Nigerian bridal jewellry beads by oma

I am embarrassed to say that half the time writing this post was spent looking up different ways to spell jewellery. Here’s to ‘Beads by Oma’ for creating masterpieces in less time…

x Chi x

Spotlight|Virgos Lounge Bridesmaid Dresses ?

Hello everyone! Couldn’t sleep before sharing this one. Unless you have been sleeping under a rock you will have either heard of Virgos Lounge or seen one of their dresses.  Virgos Lounge is know for their wearable jewel toned(for the most part) dresses and seperates featuring incredible beaded embroidery and bead work. I have written about this before here!

The success of the brand has started a trend amongst brides. Who wants a bland bridesmaid dress when you can have a great, classic but fashionable choice. Cue Virgos Lounge bridesmaid dresses. Alison Cameron is an acclaimed make-up artist who happened to be doing a shoot for Virgos Lounge. When I saw these pictures pop up on her instagram feed, I knew I had to share them with you.





I guess the guys at Virgos Lounge decided to cement their place in the wedding industry! Alison did a great job on the make-up. Thanks for breaking the news! Though I have to say this will make me think twice about which Virgos Lounge dress I purchase. Especially if its for a wedding. I don’t want to look like I’m part of the bridal party…..

x Chi x

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Studio Chi|The Wedding Blog

wedding blog


I know that this has been a long time coming. For those of you who have been here since the beginning you will know that I have written about everything from style to my latest and random finds.  The idea to switch up the blog was not made lightly. I avoided it for many reasons.

1. People thinking I’m a freak.I seem to be crazy about other people’s wedding days. Then I realised that there is an industry of people who are also doing the exact same thing…..for a living. Bloggers, planners, stylists and consultants. No one considers them freaks! Chuck that insecurity of of the window.

2. There are already so many great wedding bloggers out there. Of course I then remembered that everyone has to start from somewhere right? Chuck another insecurity out of the same window.

3. Excluding the people who subscribed to my blog for other topics apart from weddings! I appreciate all my subscribers so much. The idea that I would exclude some made feel bad. Then I remembered that of my most popular posts on this blog have been about weddings. There will still be other musings posted. So hopefully the majority of you are happy.

Life is short to not take a risk! So here comes:

1. Great ideas. Nothing cheap looking or tacky.

2. Great Suppliers. Helping you cut the chase in half!

3. Great advice….well I’ll try!

Wedding blog? Let’s do this.



Glimpse| Instagram Round Up

Instagram Pictures:Roundup1


Hello wonderful people. I hope you are all well!.If you are a seasoned reader, you may remember the glimpse posts. A great way to know what I’m up to! Sharing my instagram pictures is new as off……..now!

From left to right. 1. Spring is officially here. Cherry blossom trees are out! 2. Loving this Van Gogh remix by Christian Louboutin. 3. I figured it was time to use the exercise plimsoles. 4.  A good natter with a great friend and awesome Cafe Rouge French Toast. 5, So happy for Lupita Nyong’O. There is a lot of hating going on at the moment, but I’ll do a post on that later. 6. I have the best friends who know me so well. Box full of Sanctuary goodies. Thanks Anna :-). 7. Tiffany & Co on Jessica Biel at the Oscars. 8. The Unicorns weren’t happy about being left off the Ark. 9. Love my latest Glamour magazine. 10.  Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Spring 2014. 11. McDonald’s Mcflurry and Apple Pie midnight snacking. 12. Unnecessary sun induced selfie. 13. Berta Bridal Love. 14. There’s always time for Nando’s.

I feel like I’m just getting the hang on instagram. Am I the only one totally preferring it to Facebook these days?

A New Beginning| studio-chi.com

So in case you’ve noticed…..this is now studio-chi.com.

I have decided to take my little hobby a bit more seriously. Thank you to all of my wonderful followers (I’m still moving some of you over!) :-) Your support and kind words make me feel so happy. It was also time for a brand new design. This one is so much more streamlined, clean and easy to read. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. Massive gratitude to Heaven for patience pills in pulling this one off……they gave me many doses.


Weddings|Bridal Gowns And Wedding Dresses by Hayley Paige Bridal Spring 2014


I’m all over a new and emerging bridal wear designer. Although Hayley Paige debuted her first collection in October 2011, her acclaim and happy brides speak for themselves. The quality like any respectable luxury bridal retailer is wonderful. The fit’s and silhouettes are incredibly flattering. But what draws me to her designs are how dream like and romantic they are.

collection_summary_image-hayley-paige hayley-paige-bridal-english-net-geometric-natural-ball-gown-twist-sweetheart-horsehair-tiered-chapel-6400_zm hayley-paige-bridal-silk-satin-trumpet-v-neckline-beaded-collar-plunging-back-chapel-train-6402_zm hayley-paige-bridal-lace-fit-to-flare-lingerie-strap-english-net-ruched-godets-bow-natural-waist-chapel-6404_zm hayley-paige-bridal-alencon-lace-fit-to-flare-strapless-jewel-ruched-crystal-alabaster-bolero-chapel-6410_zm hayley-paige-bridal-tulle-a-line-gown-crystal-encrusted-sweetheart-chapel-train-6412_zm

Ms. Paige said: “My silhouettes emphasize each bride’s unique style.. this collection is an opportunity to romance the sweeter side of femininity, from the quirky and charming to the fun and fabulous.”

hayley-paige-bridal-tulle-halter-high-neck-alabaster-crystal-horse-hair-flounced-chapel-train-6413_zm hayley-paige-bridal-silk-georgette-natural-a-line-grecian-draped-ruffle-alabaster-crystal-bolero-chapel-6409_zm hayley-paige-bridal-plaid-dupioni-natural-ball-gown-sweetheart-cumerbund-tulle-flounced-skirt-chapel-6403_lg

Hayley Paige’s dress are unique enough that they make an entrance but simple enough that a bride could appear as herself. Often dresses overtake and wear the bride instead of the bride wearing the dress! Any bride could put her own slight spin on these dresses. The minimal metallic detailing on a few of her dresses is a massive plus.  Great for a bride who has not yet decided between rose gold/ yellow gold or silver tones.

hayley-paige-bridal-georgette-tulle-dropped-bridal-ball-ruched-sweetheart-beaded-sash-chapel-train-6407_lg hayley-paige-bridal-silk-satin-fit-to-flare-bridal-horsehair-cascading-flounce-lace-up-back-and-chapel-6408_zm-1 hayley-paige-bridal-english-net-fit-flare-ruched-horsehair-trim-flounced-alabaster-crystal-keyhole-chapel-6411_zm

Which one is your favourite?

Life| The Blogger TMI Tag

So,I’ve seen this tag floating around Youtube and various blogs. It really is too much information, but that didn’t stop me watching reading and watching a host of them! Want to know more about me…..keep reading!

Just a heads up, I started this at home and finished it elsewhere. If the answers don’t correlate, you know why! This thing took blooming forever.

blogger too much information tag

1: What are you wearing? A Minnie Mouse Onsie. It feels like sleeping in a custom made blanket. Awesomeness.

2: Ever been in love? Yes, Currently.

3: Ever had a terrible break-up? No, because I’m in my first relationship. But I’ve had a very messy friendshipish break up. Ouchy Mouchy!

4: How tall are you? Approx 5’5.

5: How much do you weigh? Over 10 stone, I think?. I weigh more than I look, blaming the muscles.

6: Any tattoos? Super dislike them. Though I feel like some people pull them off better than others. People forget that they are a lot harder to get off than they are to get on. Think seriously first. Choose to honour your body, it’s a gift from Heaven.

7: Any piercing? The classic standard ear piercing.

8: OTP/One True Pairing? I’m with him ;-)

9: Favourite Show? Probably Friends as I watch it the most! When you can recite the words, it verges on obsession. I also love Criminal Minds, anything to do with baking, How I Met Your Mother, Luther, Downton Abbey, Hart of Dixie, Grey’s Anatomy, It’s Supernatural and New Girl.

10: Favorite bands? Bethel, Delirious, Jesus Culture, DC Talk, Rend Collective Experiment and Coldplay.

11: Something you miss? University, it was an incredible time. As life has taken all of my friends in different directions, being in such close proximity was taken for granted! The University experience definitely prepared me for life after. Life after has been awesome, but so many lessons were learnt away from home that has made adulthood an easier transition.

12: Favorite song? Divine Romance by Phil Wickham.

13: How old are you? 23 years young.

14: Zodiac sign? Don’t believe in Zodiac signs/Horoscopes.

15: Quality you look for in a partner? Someone who loves Jesus more than me and know that I am what Heaven has planned for him. That sounds weird but if a man follows Jesus, he will respect and love me more than the average guy. Jesus is love itself. The average guy will be looking for a chemistry. The right guy would be actively pursuing an Godly ,honouring and lasting relationship. See the difference? Connections come, go, fade and get stretch marks. When someone is trying to be Christlike, there’s just a lot of rubbish that won’t go down. Have you ever seen two people who are truly Christians argue? It’s awesome. First because it rarely gets to an argument. Second because they are both arguing to make it right! Also all that other stuff, caring, responsible, assertive, kind and hotness doesn’t go amiss lol! I’m aware that my priorities are different from the norm. I don’t intend to have a normal relationship. If we are being honest, few relationships these days have lasting commitment.

16: Favorite Quote? ’Find the beauty’. There is beauty in everything, if you can’t see it your not looking hard enough.

17: Favorite Actor? Can’t decide. At the moment Jennifer Lawrence, Idris Elba, Chiwitel Ejiofor, Sandra Bullock, Judi Dench, Isla Fisher, Kirsten Wiig, Ryan Gosling

18: Favorite Colour? Pinks, purples, blues, greens! Every colour can be worked well but lilac. I’m sure it’s possible. I should probably do a bridal mood board on it. Challenge accepted.

19: Loud music or soft? Soft, but when I’m ready to party, I don’t hold back…

20: Where do you go when you’re sad? I try to go to my knees in prayer but you can also find me with sweet snacks, watching films, in bed and talking to friends who care about me.  sometimes calories can be comforting!

21: How long does it take you to shower? 9 minutes.

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 15 minutes. moisturise, pick out clothes sweep my hair back. I don’t wear make up everyday. If I want to look a little more presentable it will be concealer under my eyes, mascara and lip gloss. An extra 4 minutes. I am super uncomplicated.

23: Ever been in a physical fight? Once, but it was self defence. At some point you’ve got to defend yourself. I’m not about to spend the next 10 years looking for scar creams (rolls eyes).

24: Turn on? A well kept, suited and sarcastic man. I don’t really get sarcasm but I’ve always found it kind of hot. I am convinced this is why women love Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock.

25: Turn off? Bad smells and pride. Any guy who doesn’t appreciate me. You can’t smile at me and bring down my self esteem at the same time. Pokerface is strictly for the games table.

26: The reason I joined WordPress? This blog originally started on Blogger as a University addition for my final year project and a way to have my work online. It has evolved into my creative outlet!

27: Fears? Hurting someone, being without cake, being alone for too long. First it’s wonderful, then it’s lonely.

28: Last thing that made you cry? Can’t actually remember, might have been a little unwell.

29: Last time you said you loved someone?  This morning to the Mr.

30: Meaning behind your WordPress Name? Studio Chi has my nickname in it. Everyone calls me Chi and my blog is my online studio. Full of all my creative and completely materialistic finds! More importantly, Chi literally mean’s God in my traditional Nigerian language Igbo. So technically, this blog actually means ”Studio God’ or ‘God’s Studio’I believe all creative gifts stems from Him.This blog is His inspiration as well as mine.

31: Last book you read? The Bible

32: The book you’re currently reading? The biography of James Hudson Taylor, Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Boy meets Girl by Joshua Harris.

33: Last show you watched? How I Met Your Mother

34: Last person you talked to? My Pastor.

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? He’s my Pastor aka leader of my church, known him since I was 9 years old!

36: Favorite food? Nigerian Cuisine, Jellof rice, ASSORTED MEAT (said in a Nigerian accent, nom nom), Italian(pizza, pasta), a PROPER burger with loads of meat and cheese, a proper English roast, Laduree Macaroons, Chin Chin (a Nigerian Snack) and most importantly….Cake.

37: Place you want to visit? Israel and anywhere hot in the Caribbean or the Maldives which is super quiet and private and I can feel the sun on my back and sip drinks on the beach. Where’s my tankini at?

38: Last place you were? Outside, now I’m indoors? ha!

39: Do you have a crush? Yes, so I figured a relationship with him was probably a good idea….;-)

40: Last time you kissed someone? The Mothership, yesterday, on the cheek.

41: Last time you were insulted? Hmmm. I think my brother might have called a goat yesterday in jest….

42: Favourite flavour of sweet? Strawberry

43: What instruments do you play? I used to play the Piano and the Flute but have forgotten it all now :-(

44: Favourite piece of jewellery? A yellow/white gold filigree heart with diamond pendant I bought myself when I finished my degree. Saving was necessary, but vouchers came in handy hee hee.

45: Last sport you played? Probably power walking to the bus stop? (sheepish face).

46: Last song you sang? As past of my daily shower karaoke session, The More I Seek You (Kari Jobe/Steffany Frizzel Gretzinger written by Zach Neese)

47: Favourite chat up line? Urgh, can’t stand them. Kudos to any guy who can do it while making a girl laugh and not be creeped out. It is such a fine line.

48:Have you ever used it? Nope. We live in a modern world, but I’m still a traditional girl.

49: Last time you hung out with anyone? This afternoon, at my fav local cafe with the mr. Watching him attempt to drink coffee for the first time was pretty amusing.

50:Who should answer these questions next? Faith from Faylicious and Becca from KnitHappens. I miss your posts guys!

So there we have it!

5 Things| To Avoid This Valentines Day

valentines day

I’m not a Valentines Day kinda girl. I have never have been and no, I’m not single. (By the way it is possible to dislike Valentines day, be single and not be bitter. That was me for many years.)

What gets to me is the Valentine’s hype. The presumption of a gift. There are exceptions to this rule, but it usually goes like this….

Girl meets guy, some superficial sparks may fly. They will probably eat,hold hands then drink too much. Consequentially they will do a little clumsy something something afterwards. I’d rather dominoes and a film on my own as I’m guaranteed dominoes will pick up my call the next day.

St Valentine had a great mind in secretly marrying people who wanted to express their love in matrimony. But his name got a little abused and marketed over the years. Don’t get me wrong, there are some genuine couple’s out there celebrating their affections. But for every legendary love story, cupid’s valentine arrow mismatches 10!

So here’s 5 Things or states of mind to avoid this Valentine’s day.

1. ‘This is my day to show her/him that I truly love him’. Honey/dude, if that’s the only day you go out of your way, you have a serious problem! Everyday should be Valentines day. Or should I say everyday should be a celebration day.

2. ‘I must buy something extravagant.‘ One of the most meaningful items I have ever received was a book by my all time favourite author. It wasn’t even available in the UK yet. On the way to work last week I spilled my lunch on it and spent half an hour getting wierd looks as I rescued it under the hand dryer. I can buy myself a lot of things but some gifts take such an effort that they become priceless! If your going all out this Valentines day, make sure it’s an all year love state of mind. And when it comes to TRUE love, it really is the thought that counts.

3. ‘I must have a date’. Okay then. Would you date this person at any other time of the year? Nope, didn’t think so! Grab a film, grab your girls and pass the chocolate. Don’t let any time of year force you into feeling like singleness is a gift in and of itself.

4. ‘I have a love interest, therefore I must do something’. Actually, you don’t HAVE to do anything. But do yourself a favour and clear this with her first. If she’s likes the romance of the day, I promise I’m saving you………Titanic style. Cue the music.

5. ‘ I must be a gentleman tonight’. Be a gentleman always. Have a shower, use some face cream and spray some deodorant……on a regular basis. If you do I promise you’ll get more romantic opportunities THROUGHOUT the year. And If you behave like a gentleman past midnight, expect nothing and kiss her on the cheek. She is more likely to stick around.

Now before you brand me a cynic, there are elements I like too! My favourite bit about Valentine’s day? The prettiness, the flowers but best of all? The day after half price aisles, red and pink themed everything! The ghetto chick in me comes out….

(iamge via here)

xo Chi xo

Nigerian Wedding Trend: Sequins Do it..

 Hello everyone!  So looking back on your responses in 2013, I was a little surprised that you all loved my wedding posts more than all the others. Here’s the thing, I love creating them! I have a lot of fun writing them. At one point last year I considered making this a wedding blog. Restricting my blog to one subject? That could never happen. My mind is far too random. Let’s face it, so is yours! Who likes just one thing?

In the light of the popularity of the wedding side, there will be more inspirational bridal posts in the year 2014. There should always be time in the day to dream! As a result of my resolution, it’s half 3 in the morning(can’t sleep, this is a scheduled post) and I’m typing.


Many west Africans will recognise the above face. She is Tiwa Savage, singer, recently married hottie/babe of life. This was her second dress on her special day. Tiwa definitely didn’t start the trend as I had seen a few sparkly wedded numbers before. But, she is definitely a worthy trend confirmer! I love that she chose a silver toned dress. The key to making this dress a hit and not a miss is picking a colour-way that suits your complexion.

So here’s a little inspiration….



By Love, Tims: Bridal


Via topwedding.co.uk

gold dress

Via simplydresses.com

Picture 3

This is one trend that I actually like. But get in there fast. Everyone and their mother will catch on soon enough…..