5 Things Tuesday| 5 Ways to Annoy Your Wedding Guests

April 10, 2014

Hey everyone! So it’s Wednesday but let’s …..

I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying this blog switch up. Before my little project became a wedding blog, I used to do a series called 5 Things Tuesday. 5 thoughts on a random topic. This ‘5 Things’ edition has a wedded spin on it! 5 ways to annoy your wedding guests? Every couple wants their wedding guests to rave about how amazing their wedding days. Or at best, just enjoy it. Unfortunately, a lot of nuptials leave a bad after taste. Take note future brides and grooms….

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1.  Weddings that are so expensive to attend that your guests evaluate whether it’s worth going. If your friends are millionaire’s it’s cool. If your friends have stuff like bills and rent to think about, think carefully about your wedding’s area code. Don’t make people spend money they don’t have travelling to  Timbukto when you can get married in a pretty place an hour away. Don’t have bridal parties that wipe your girls of their month’s pocket money. Don’t have a stag do that costs each guy as much as the brides dress! Then  you’ll still expect them to get you a hen gift AND a wedding gift? You’ll be lucky if they give you a £10 Homebase voucher….

2. No Parking Spaces. Your friends and family are keen to celebrate with you. They make the drive and then realise that they have made their car homeless. So they will probably park illegally. Then your guests will sit through the ceremony calculating the fee they will recieve while you make the boldest statement of your life. Don’t be surprised if everyone seems more interested in the 18th Century clock by the altar. Yes it’s nice, but they are just counting down the minutes. Congratulations,  you have just made half of your guests criminals…with a £75 fine. Make sure those thank you cards are nice…

3. Guest’s not actually seeing the bride and groom. It’s a bit of a flop when you attend a wedding but see more of the couple’s outfits on instagram the day after. Bad planning, bad photographers, rushing and ill thought venues tend to carry the most blame. We know your happy getting married, but it would be super nice to see your smiles.

4. When the wedding cake doesn’t actually get served. My biggest pet peeve. You display the delicious thing, give it it’s own table. Then we watch you cut into it and YOU share it. But that’s the last time we see it. Wickedness. How could you? It would be better if you announced it was just for the family so people like me don’t keep looking over their shoulder for a tray with slices.

5. When the food/drink runs out or or is served with tiny portions. We appreciate that you wonderful brides and grooms have so much to pay for. But if your wedding leaves your guests hunting for the local chippie…..theres a problem. With a venue that is so scenic….but surrounded by wildlife. So no chance of a fish and chips anyway.  Did you invite them to wander the desert? Worst of all, some parents end up hunting down a plate for their kids? (I have literally seen this happen.) All the makings of a ‘Lost’ episode. But with better wardrobe and understandable finish .

What are your pet peeves? I’d love to know!

x Chi x


phhahahahahaaaa! i completely agree with you! especially on the aso-ebi,and let’s not forget the price does not include sewing……ouch…..

Lol.. Nice list.. I absolutely agree with no 5! Please ensure that your guests are fed (especially for people like me who love my food!).. And the cake too lol.
Also, expensive weddings scare me off sometimes.. I could just be ‘conveniently’ busy on the day and send my best wishes from afar..
Hmmmw what’s my pet peeve? I think it definitely has to be outrageously expensive aso-ebi (in Nigerian weddings, some couples have special fabrics for their close friends and famiies to wear) and when the food/drinks are insufficient..

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