Basic black natural hair care?

February 20, 2013

The thing is natural black hair is a lot more fragile than it looks. People look at an Afro and reckon than that it is as strong and powerful as the feeling it gives off. The truth is the curlier the black hair type the more fragile it actually is. A little over 2 years ago I ‘went natural’ and stopped chemically straightening(perming) my hair. I had no idea how happy it would make me feel. I also had no idea what in the world I was doing.

It has taken me 22 of my years on this earth to realise I know nothing at all about my hair. This year I want to learn more about my hair. I started doing what everybody does, Googling and You-tubing. Unfortunately, I have the tightest curl type with rare friends in this community!  Very few sources talk about my hair type.

I have a similar problem with skin care, nobody talks for the people living with a history of eczema. Nobody seems to talk for the people who have annoyingly sensitive skin. And if I do happen to find great reviews, the products they are talking about aren’t available in the UK! So in the light of this, I have decided to be that person. From now on, if I find a product I’ll be sharing it and telling you my honest opinion. natural black hair care

I thought I’d share this today. If you ever wanted to de-mystify black hair care, this just did it. Plain and simple. I wish I’d seen this 2 years ago.

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