Sunday Best: A casual day….

August 25, 2012

Hey guys, so sorry this is super duper late….life has been a little hectic!…so here goes….
The thing is…I’m not really a ‘jeans’ kinda girl. In fact, I’m not a ‘trousers’ kind of girl either. I think it stems from me finding it hard to find a pair that actually fit! After having these skinny jeans for months, I finally got around to shortening them and it made a massive difference. This last Sunday, I resorted to my new go-to top that is just the prettiest thing ever. It’s made from silk which adds to the loving….and feels so great on my skin! ahh!
By the way….check out my massive tan! Cool huh?
If your wondering why I look so different, that’s because I wore a grand total of eyebrow pencil this past Sunday. I just wasn’t in the mood for make-up…
Top:French Connection(Hurry up it’s still on sale!)/Jeans: Mango/ Sandals: Office/ Earrings: Diamonds By The Yard by Tiffany & Co/ Short Necklace: Orelia / Long Necklace: Accessorize
Do you like my new love necklace? Tempted to start saving up to buy an actual gold version…it’s so cute!

This is such a great outfit! It looks cool and sexy, and best of all, comfortable! Plus it’s amazing with your skin tone. You go, girl!

Just thought I’d let you know that you’re gorgeous<3

This actually brightened my day when I first saw it but couldn’t reply just then!

Thank you so much…
Love from StudioChi a.k.a. Chioma!

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