Sunday, Spiked and Cold Rants…

March 6, 2013

It is crazy cold in London at the moment. I am literally lathering my skin with layers of moisturiser to scare away dry patches. For some reason my skins seems to be reacting worse to the cold than in previous years. This is not surprising when you take into consideration the rapid and sudden changes in temperature. One minute I’m taking off my cardigan and the next I’m running around the flat looking for an extra pair of socks.

In case winter wasn’t enough, my skin is also battling with perfume. Sound bizarre? It seems I have a tendency to spray on perfume whilst doing a mad dash for the door in the morning. As a result of this mayhem, I keep spraying it on my face! The perfume keeps causing all sort of bumps including a suspicious looking black eye. I’m dangerously close to the end of my Mac concealer! Please learn from my silliness.


Open Knot Key by Tiffany & Co/Spike Necklace £6 by Accessorize/Spiked shoes £29.99 by Zara(old)/ Delicate love bracelet £4 by Accessorize

delicate love bracelet

This must sound pretty awful, but I really need to learn to dress well in the winter. Chioma in the summer looks at Chioma in the winter with disdain. Really, it’s pretty bad. However, in the light of pay day I thought I’d go wild with accessories. Feel free to welcome my beautiful Tiffany key necklace into my wardrobe. Have loved it for so long……it was time to treat myself. And in typical Chioma fashion I have caught onto the spike trend late. Honestly, finding pieces I liked were hard. Got there in the end.

zara spiked shoes

It’s nearly spring time London! Hurry up Sun, we’ve missed you :-)

xoxo Sun Lover


I REALLY like the shoes… shame that we are not the same shoe size!

Fellow londoner here who can sympathise…found Ren rose oil the way to go…extreme, but hey – hasn’t the weather been anyways? xxx

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