The Bow-Tied Groom

September 7, 2012

Recently, I have been in love with bow ties. I haven’t the faintest idea why. It might have to do with the fact that formal old-fashioned details are back in style. All of those little details that made formal wear so special, the best bits!

Versatility Case Exhibit A:

1. Green striped bow tie £22.43 at ‘the belle and the beau‘ on Etsy. 2. Classic black bow tie £9.50 at Marks & Spencer

Bow ties can be super vintage inspired(left) or suave like the dapper gentleman on the right(ahh!). Anyone going for the vintage look should note that bow ties in printed cotton fabrics, dial it down a tone. Especially if your going for a less put together feel. I also appreciate the use of matte finishes/fabrics with black bow-ties, a modern touch. Because guys should get to look hot too…

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